Creativity Mentoring

Yes, after two years at this I'm still constantly full up on clients

but because I have a Three Session Limit the waiting list

is rarely a longer wait than 2 months. So please be patient.

Which situations am I most useful with?

  • If you can't seem to get your projects from idea to form.

  • If you are struggling with tasks outside your wheelhouse.

  • If you have trouble overcoming your creative roadblocks.

  • If you aren't applying your skill because you feel unready.

Let me help you filter your process, give you techniques and insights,

and get you seeing your work more clearly so you can build the bridge between your creativity and productivity.


(note: the diagnostic 30m chat is free and separate from the sessions)

Three 1 Hour Sessions for $240 

(sessions can be done via phone or video chat)

I only book in sets of three sessions because that's exactly how long it takes me to solve a problem.



Session 0 : (30m diagnostic)

We identify your glitch and decide if I can help.

Session 1 : (60m exploratory)

I try to deconstruct your processes and pinpoint the glitch.

Session 2 : (60m testing)

I offer some small actions or ideas I want you to try.

Session 3 : (60m definitive)

I outline a specific plan of attack for you.

Session X : (30m follow up)

We see how well you've attempted the plan and it's effects.

If you're still locked up after Session X you'll get a second round of Three Sessions free of charge

Also, for every three paid clients I book I will take on a pro-bono case for those who aren't in a position to pay for such services. Please contact if interested in being added to this list.

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