Here you will find info about the weird stuff people/companies hire me for that is hard to explain.


Between my educational background of Forensic Psychology and my professional lifespan as a creative services provider I've often found myself operating between the lines within various professional idiosyncrasies.

Here's a list of services I've provided in the past few years:

(NOTE: This isn't a menu. These are just examples. Feel free to reach out if you have needs outside of the specific cases below. If I can't help I can probably point you to the correct resource or give a direct referral.)

  • Market Research Data Analysis & Interpretation
    (reading feedback to determine fan/user norms and parsing meaning)

  • Investor Risk Assessment
    (looking into a companies claims and offerings to determine efficacy)

  • Conflict Resolution Consultation
    (reviewing the history of ongoing conflicts to verify intended outcomes)

  • Behavioral Assessment Creation
    (creating both individual and team use soft skill assessment systems)

  • Product Development Use Case Prediction
    (analyzing products for creator intended use versus likely use by owners)

  • Artificial Intelligence Risk Assessment
    (identifying potential system abuse opportunities in automated systems)

  • Floorplan Design / Flow of Traffic Assessment
    (reviewed convention and business floorplan layouts for
     use predictions)

  • Concerning Behavior Risk Assessment
    (interpreting comments and behaviors for potential threat 

Initial discussions are at no charge (usually 30-60m).
Assessments are quoted clearly with a maximum amount of hours expected to complete a review once I understand the situation.
If I get the impression it will take longer you'll be notified as soon as possible but I've yet to go over estimation.

A retainer for 1/2 the time quote will be required up front. This is rated at $25 an hour.

Pro-bono cases have occurred in the past as have discounted rates depending on the situations.


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"Griffin's insights have been very effective for both my acting and my writing! I would recommend it for anyone interested in connecting better with their creative process within the pressures of it being your business."
— B Campbell (MA)

“Griffin has an impressive ability to see multiple perspectives and outcomes simultaneously and is very clear in his assessments. He helped me untangle a very complicated business collaboration that had become a problem and I cannot thank him enough.”  
— K Price (WA) 

"I had a fan in my Twitch community who was making me nervous. Not only was Griffin able to identify patterns in his behaviors, explain them too me in a way that lowered my anxieties, but also contacted the person directly and got them to understand their unintended effect and stop what they were doing. It was a huge help."

— L Banks (CA)