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Eight years into this job and I still love everything I get to do.

I rarely have a waiting list but if I do it'll only be for a couple of weeks and it will probably be over the summer due to cons.​

What things to people hire me to draw?

  • Mostly portraits of people (real or imagined) in emotive moments.

  • Often art of animals, sometimes scenery, or objects as gifts.

  • Sometimes covers for books or posters for films.

  • Occasionally live paintings of an event (wedding, birthday, etc.)

My job is ​to capture something for you in an energetic, vivid, and evocative way that a camera just doesn't do. The reason artists like me even have a place in the world with cameras and software being what they are now is because I can target in on a feeling and add or subject from a scene as I build to get there. A camera can only work with what is there. I can find a impart so much more.


It's tricky for art because it's variable based on a lot of factors.

The easiest things I can give you for reference are this.
Artwork of one person, simple background, full color would cost you:
$75 for a large postcard, $110 for a page, $180 for a poster.

It's a lot more nuanced with that with multiple people or specific places but that's a easy point of reference.

Art Creation Stages:

Step 0 : 30m Chat

We lay out what you want, what it costs, and if I can fulfill it.

Step 1 : Sketches

You pay. I sketch roughs. You approve or change the direction.

Step 2 : Final draft

I create a final clean sketch. You approve or change details.

Step 3 : Inks

I ink line art. You approve unless something went very wrong.

Step 4 : Delivery

Very minor changes can be made but at this point it's it.

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Single Character Full Scene Watercolor & Ink

Single Character Full Scene Watercolor & Ink

Single Character Waist-Up Watercolor & Ink

Single Character Waist-Up Watercolor & Ink


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